ART advisory service

we offer independent advice, expertise, art management and curatorial services to individual clients and institutions.

  1. 1. Research, photography and inventory of collection

  2. 2. Acquisition and sales of works of art

  3. 3. Advice and assistance with Acquisitions, Deaccessioning and Investments

  4. 4. Valuation and quality assessment of potential purchases

  5. 5. Representing clients in private negotiations

  6. 6. Donation Assistance

  7. 7. Estate Planning

  8. 8. Curatorial Research and Exhibition Development

Fees. We use a fee for service system which can be based on hourly/daily rates or a total project fee. We do not ever charge based on a percentage of the value of collection. We can advise you of our fees once we have determined what your needs are and how much time and effort is involved.

 ART advisory service

We work ONLY for those who are ready for it.

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